Blackpool Industrial Roofing Ltd. was founded on and has specialised in providing all aspects of industrial roofing and cladding, serving commercial customers throughout Lancashire and the United Kingdom since 1973.

Trust In Us

With all appropriate certificates and insurances in place, together with all aspects of health and safety adhered to through the use of independent safety advisors, our customers can be assured of a trusting and personal service, carried out to the highest possible standards. Our strong customer focus is has led to a portfolio of long-standing business relationships with customers.

Our Mission

Our vision is simple. Provide customers with a highly experienced, highly skilled, organised and efficient service at very competitive prices. Then add that personal touch that national suppliers just cannot do. As a Plygene approved installer, Giromax end lap corrosion approved applicator, and Uniclad systems approved contractor, we can also supply those specialist products when needed.

Neglecting gutters can lead to all sorts of problems including blocked outlets, overflow and leaks (potentially damaging equipment and stock). Gutter maintenance once every six months or annually can help avoid these sometimes catastrophic and costly events. If you require gutter refurbishment, gutter repairs, gutter replacement or gutter maintenance in Walsall / beyond then please don’t hesitate to contact us at Blackpool Industrial Roofing Ltd. We are here to help.
Wall cladding and vertical cladding provide old buildings with a fresh new look. As Uniclad Systems approved installers, Blackpool Industrial Roofing Ltd supply, install and replace all types of cladding systems to suit your requirements, including single skin, double skin, composite panels and overlay systems.
Asbestos roofing is made up from asbestos cement and asbestos fibres, and is still present on many old buildings across the UK. Over time, problems arise through hook bolts seals perishing, asbestos roof sheets cracking, and live vegetation eating through the asbestos roof sheets. Blackpool Industrial Roofing Ltd are certified to refurbish and repair asbestos roofing, as well as manage the removal of old asbestos roofing ready for the installation of new industrial roofing in its place.
Composite roofing comprises of an inner liner sheet and an outer corrugated roofing panel with an insulated core, all in one composite panel. It is a modern industrial roofing system gaining in popularity year on year, especially as the likes of old asbestos roofing becomes dilapodated through time. As a composite industrial roofing installer in Walsall, our product of choice is Kingspan composite roof and wall panels (for which we supply, install, refurbish, repair and replace).
The corrosion of metal profile roofing is something most commercial buildings will have to deal with at some point. Corrosion usually begins as edge peel at the end laps through weathering and moves on from there. Industrial roofing in Walsall supply, install and replace all types of metal profile roofing, from corrugated steel roofing sheets to tile effect roofing sheets. And as Giromax approved installers we are experts at the refurbishment and repair of existing metal profile roofing.
Dilapidation works are common on commercial building roofs, whether they are built from metal profile roofing, asbestos roofing or composite roofing. Refurbishment and repair is often carried out through the use of roof coating systems. At Blackpool Industrial Roofing Ltd, we specialise in applying roof coating systems, and our product of choice is Giromax. As corrosion specialists and approved Giromax applicators, we use Giromax Seamsil and Giromax Delcote to transform old dilapidated roofs.
Roof skylights are often referred to as roof lights, and their sole purpose is to allow daylight to shine through the roof into a building, helping to save on lighting costs. Over time they can discolour, warp and break. Even skylight fixings can work loose over time. At Blackpool Industrial Roofing Ltd, we supply and install new skylights as well refurbish, repair and replace existing skylights (including asbestos roof skylights, steel roof skylights and step safe skylights).
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